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We are specialists in 3D printing and technical model design and art&design. We have 5 years of experience in the industry, creating projects in the field of industry, education, health and advertising.

We are here to show you the latest developments in 3D printing, help you choose the right material and technology for your project. Guide you through the entire process from design to final product.

We are not only professionals, but also artists in our field of 🙂

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We make art&design models of every shape and size. We design statuettes, thumbnails, figures, advertising logos. We prepare and paint our models with attention to every detail.


We create prototypes for many industries. We make replacements for hard-to-reach components, spare parts, electronics enclosures, car parts, pre-components and a trimming machine.


We design technical elements and art&design. We create technical drawings, 3D models, visualizations and animations. You can design from scratch, or modify an existing design.

The limit is imagination, which has no limits

FDM technology, commonly referred to as "3D printing from plastic", is currently the most popular method of 3D printing. FDM technology is a way to create prototypes faster and cheaper. FDM uses plastics in the printing process to form plastics at high temperatures. Models printed in this technology are created by applying successive layers of filament.The materials used in this method are ABS and PLA (thermoplastic based on organic compounds). Others are nylon (very durable), PETG (used for the production of plastic bottles), or TPU (elastic material like rubber).

SLA is a technology that hardens liquid resin with laser light. The model is built layer by layer on the work platform. The advantage of SLA compared to FDM is greater precision, much better detail and much greater surface smoothness. SLA technology is ideal for producing precise and visually aesthetic prototypes and models from a wide range of thermosetting resins.

The design was most aptly defined by Patzak, who claims that it is a process that leads human activity from the starting point (problem to the solution) to the end point, that is, the expected idea. The design is based on the choice of technical capabilities, as well as the definition of interdependence between them, so that the scheme of measures created in the appropriate external conditions gives the possibility of obtaining a previously set goal. And the purpose of the design is to achieve the planned design of the subject or outline of the technical process.

A prototype is the first control copy (or one of the first copies) of a new or significantly different product from the products currently manufactured. The process of developing product innovations is born from the idea of improvement, which is then transformed into creation and final implementation. Testing of an innovative product prototype is often done with customer participation, which indicates areas for improvement. Prototyping serves to accurately map the designed product according to the documentation which acts as an experimental standard reproducing the full functional scope of the device in order to verify the correctness of the theoretical studies for the structure.

An exemplary stage of cleaning and painting a model

Print out straight from the table with the supports visible.

The printout has been cleaned of supports (ready, be ready for painting).

The print is polished and primed (ready for painting).

Painted printout (ready model). 🙂

In matters of project valuation, please contact us by e-mail

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Projects are carried out remotely based on the necessary information sent by e-mail and discussed by phone.

finished products

Finished products are sent by post, without restrictions to the whole world, it is also possible to receive personal.


We also take measurements at the customer's premises, you can also send us dimensions and photos based on which we will make the model.

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